Paula Boggs recognized by The Puget Sound Business Journal as one of eight [Board] Directors of the Year.

These directors have helped navigate their companies through challenging times. They were nominated by their peers as standout board members and leaders and include members of corporate and nonprofit boards. Read article.

Southwestern University Announces Paula Boggs as 2020 and 2021 Commencement Speaker

Southwestern University will welcome Paula Boggs as the keynote speaker for the 2021 Commencement ceremony. Boggs will bring insights from her historic and varied career, which often includes breaking barriers as the first woman of color in her professional life as an attorney, Army Airborne veteran, corporate executive, philanthropist, and musician. Read more.

Fender Appoints Paula Boggs to its Board of Directors

Fender has announced Paula Boggs has been appointed to its Board of Directors as of 2021.Mark Fukunaga, chairman of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, said of Boggs’ appointment: “We could not be prouder of the strength and incredible growth of Fender, especially this year. This year has proven that the power of music unites, and we will continue to do our part during this unpredictable time. Read more.

Charlotte E. Ray Award

The Charlotte E. Ray Award is presented to a woman lawyer for her exceptional achievements in the legal profession and extraordinary contribution to the advancement of women in the profession. The award is named for Charlotte E. Ray, a legal pioneer and the first African-American female lawyer in the United States. The 2020 Charlotte E. Ray Award was presented to Paula Boggs, Founder of Boggs Media, LLC, at the MCCA Virtual Diversity Gala on October 28, 2020. Click here to watch her acceptance speech. Read more.

Beyond Stereotypes: BSing with Paula Boggs

Paula Boggs took a leap into the unknown in 2012, leaving an unparalleled career in the law and starting her music career. In this episode of B.S.: Beyond Stereotypes, Paula retired GC of Starbucks and current frontwoman for the Paula Boggs Band, shares stories of her upbringing, her love of music and why being a Black woman has been her superpower. Listen now.

2020 Women, Influence & Power in Law Conference

This multi-pronged approach captures the very essence of what our event is all about, face-to-face interactions and senior-level discussions with the most influential women in law representing today’s top organizations. The virtual summit will offer more content, more insights, and more opportunities to make the connections that matter to you. Read more.

Charlotte E. Ray Award

The Charlotte E. Ray Award is presented to a woman lawyer for her exceptional achievements in the legal profession and extraordinary contribution to the advancement of women in the profession. The award is named for Charlotte E. Ray, a legal pioneer and the first African-American female lawyer in the United States. The 2020 Charlotte E. Ray Award was presented to Paula Boggs, Founder of Boggs Media, LLC, at the MCCA Virtual Diversity Gala on October 28, 2020. Read more.

Paula Boggs Elected to RECORDING ACADEMY™ Board

The Recording Academy recognizes excellence in the recording arts and sciences, cultivates the well-being of the music community, and ensures that music remains an indelible part of our culture. Paula Boggs has been elected as a Governor on the Pacific Northwest Chapter’s Board of the RECORDING ACADEMY

Seattle musicians want more justice in industry, not just #BlackoutTuesday hashtag

What began as a music industry initiative to spur support for the Black community morphed into a full-blown social media phenomenon, with users posting the black squares in solidarity with protesters across the country demanding justice for George Floyd, a Black man who died at the hands of the Minneapolis police. As celebrities and corporations across industries ran with the trending topic, the original message became increasingly obfuscated for many. Was it a day of social media silence? Some sort of call for action? Or just another back-patting hashtag for well-meaning white folks? Read more.


Speaker – American Bar Association

Paula will be the Luncheon Keynote Speaker on May 1st, 2020 for the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession for our Launching Leaders Retreat. Click here for more information.

SCC January Luncheon

Join the Sammamish Chamber on Thursday, January 16th for our special guest speaker, Paula Boggs! Paula is a local resident, Public Speaker, Writer, Lawyer and Philanthropist. You will be inspired as you hear her story. Learn more

2019 LMBA Trailblazer Award

Paula was presented with the 2019 LMBA Trailblazer Award during the Philip L. Burton Memorial Scholarship Dinner on May 17th. The LMBA is a statewide civil rights organization, named after famed civil rights attorney Loren Miller. For the past 51 years, the LMBA has thrived in its efforts to advance the social and economic wellbeing of people of color, while improving relations between the legal profession and the community.

NAMM Speaking Event

Paula will be one of the featured panelists on the ever-popular NAMM panel will explore this year’s newest copyright cases in the courts, from Led Zeppelin to Katy Perry and more. It will go especially deep into the core question: What is the line between originality and infringement, and where does inspiration start and blatant copying take over? The session will take a look at this year’s hit documentary “Echo In The Canyon” to guide the discussion about what constitutes inspiration (as per Laurel Canyon in the 1960s) and how the landscape of collaboration and creativity has changed over the years.

Methods of Leadership: Learning from Women Trailblazers

“It’s urgent and heady to have a conversation about women in leadership — roadblocks and inroads, steps forward and back, progress and setbacks and at the end of the day what it means to be a woman leader and what it should mean,” Paula Boggs, keynote speaker at the Women in Leadership lunch, said in her opening remarks. Read more

2019 Women’s Power Summit

Paula Boggs is the founder of Boggs Media, LLC, a business that manages her music, speaking, and other creative business activities. She is a Musician, Public Speaker, Lawyer and Philanthropist.  She is also a Board Member of numerous for-profit and non-profit organizations. Read more.

Paula Boggs on

This week’s episode is the first podcast in our GC Speak series, which includes interviews with some of the biggest names in corporate legal departments. reporter Caroline Spiezio talks with current and former general counsel from Oracle, Intel, Delta Airlines, Starbucks (Paula Boggs), AIG and many more.

Paula Boggs Keynote Speaker

Paula Boggs will be the keynote speaker at the Veterans Day Reception that will be held at Seattle University School of Law on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. The event recognizes and honors those individuals in the community who have served the country through the armed forces.

Annette E. Clark, Dean and Professor of Law has told Boggs, “I know that the experience and insights you’ve gleaned from your military and legal careers would be of great interest to our students, alumni, and faculty, and that we would benefit greatly from hearing from you.”

Boggs served as the keynote speaker at the law university’s inaugural Veterans Day event several years ago.

Meet the 2018 Mayor’s Arts Award Winners: Paula Boggs

Sixteen years ago, Paula Boggs spent two weeks sweeping floors and serving coffee at Starbucks’ Alki Beach location. At the conclusion of her mandatory “immersion,” she shed the green apron to take on the job of Starbucks General Counsel—its main legal advisor and lawyer—as well as Executive Vice President and Secretary. This week, in recognition for her “contributions to community, education, arts and race and social justice,” Boggs receives a 2018 Mayor’s Arts Award.
Read more…

Crosscut publishes Paula Boggs’ essay honoring Aretha Franklin

A four-day celebration of Aretha Franklin begins today in her hometown of Detroit. Her funeral will take place on Aug. 31.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. As a Black girl in segregationist Virginia, I did not yet know “feminism” or “Black power” but I knew her song and how to spell its title. Like just about anyone under 60, I can’t remember a time when Aretha Franklin’s music was not woven into my life story, a familiar and often empowering thread.
Read more…

Mayor Durkan announces recipients for the 2018 Mayor’s Arts Awards

Recipients will be honored at the Mayor’s Arts Awards ceremony on
Thursday, August 30 at 4 p.m. at the Mural Amphitheatre

SEATTLE – Mayor Durkan announced the recipients of the 2018 Mayor’s Arts Awards. The award honorees are Tarik Abdullah, Paula Boggs, Fulgencio Lazo, Jorge Enrique González Pacheco, and Karen P. Thomas. All five recipients have shaped Seattle’s arts and cultural landscape through their contributions to the community, education, arts and race and social justice.
Read more…

Paula Boggs: Success is built on life-long relationships

While still Starbucks general counsel, a University of Washington law student emailed me asking for a meeting. Impressed, I agreed, and he came to my office. After exchanging pleasantries, the student asked boldly how he could someday be general counsel of a Fortune 500 company like Starbucks.

I was taken aback because as a law student, I didn’t know what a Fortune 500 general counsel was, and even if I had, it would be the last thing I saw myself doing. You see, on day one and throughout law school, I knew I had to give Uncle Sam four years of active-duty military service upon graduation in exchange for the U.S. Army having paid for my college education. That’s all I knew.
Read more…

2017 Goldmark Distinguished Service Award Winners: Paula Boggs and Lucy Lee Helm

Paula Boggs began her career jumping out of airplanes for the U.S. Army and after law school her star rose quickly from the Department of Defense, to the White House Office of Legal Counsel, to corporate positions at Dell Computer, Preston Gates & Ellis and finally as Starbucks General Counsel from 2002-2012. Along the way she gained numerous accolades as a philanthropist, fundraiser, public speaker, veteran, lawyer and musician and was awarded the Sargent Shriver Award for Equal Justice. Washington State’s legal aid community is particularly grateful for the role she played in launching Starbucks’ pro bono program, which signaled a shift in corporate philanthropy that companies across the nation seek to emulate today.

Read more…

Johns Hopkins University’s ROTC celebrates their 100th year; Paula Boggs honored

Johns Hopkins University became one of the first campuses to establish a Reserve Officers Training Corps with the passage of the National Defense Act of 1916. Since then, ROTC at Johns Hopkins has witnessed the doughboys of the First World War, the dark days of Vietnam, on through the near constant wars of 21st-century America. Read more here

Financial Times & UPStanding name Paula Boggs to Top 100 ethnic-minority executives

Racial bias remains a serious barrier to the success of many people from black and minority ethnic communities, as our special report shows. The UPstanding Leaders’ List highlights and ranks 100 executives in the US and UK who have reached senior roles in business while also fighting against discrimination and championing ethnic diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond. Read more here

USOC 2016 Flame Program

FLAME is designed to inspire undergraduate and graduate students of color to pursue careers within the Olympic and Paralympic movements. Those chosen to participate have already demonstrated a pursuit of excellence within their own communities and will have the opportunity to further their personal and professional growth by connecting with U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes, USOC and National Governing Body leaders, and others who have achieved success.


Vivek Ranadivé – Majority Owner, Sacramento Kings
Paula Boggs – Former Executive Vice President, General Counsel of Starbucks
Dr. Nancy Lough – President, Sports Marketing Association
Wade Davis – Executive Director, You Can Play
Ndidi Massay – Executive Director, RISE (Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality)
Darsh Singh – First Sikh basketball player in the NCAA
Simran Singh – Religion Professor, Trinity University *Check back for a complete list of speakers.

Former Starbucks Executive to Lead Singer, Paula Boggs Followed Her Dream

This former Starbucks attorney stopped at nothing to follow her dreams! Paula Boggs is not only a former Starbucks executive but also an Army Airborne veteran who decided to trade in her incredibly successful career to pursue her passion in music. Boggs started her career in the ARMY ROTC in college, continuing on into the military and then law school; followed by a successful career which ended in her last role as a Starbucks’ Executive. Although she left her career behind for her music, she still currently sits on the board of the public radio station KEXP, is a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (The Grammys©) and serves on the President’s Committee for the Arts and the Humanities. Read more

I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass (Ceilings)

Seattle’s Paula Boggs of the Paula Boggs Band always knew her heart was in music, but there were other life lessons to learn first. She earned a law degree but also had a four-year commitment to the US Army to fulfill, which included not only her lawyer duties but also becoming a paratrooper. Once her feet were back on the ground, she became a staff attorney for the White House and later senior deputy counsel for Dell Corporation and Chief Counsel for a hometown company by the name of Starbucks. Read more

In law and music, surmounting new challenges has defined Paula Boggs’ career

From early on, Paula E. Boggs was never inclined to seek out the easy path. That characteristic was apparent as far back as the late 1970s, when, Boggs says, she was serious about her academic studies at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, but was only a middling cadet in the school’s Army ROTC program. Her professor of military science, Larry Satterwhite, recognized that she needed more of a push. Read more

Lawdragon Hall of Fame

Paula Boggs, Inductee to The Lawdragon Hall of Fame.

Congratulations Paula Boggs You Are One of Our “Hall Of Fame” Inductees

As you may know, this is our 10th Anniversary of the Lawdragon 500. It holds significant importance and we are celebrating this milestone in a number of ways but none more important than the recognition of our 100 “Hall Of Fame” Inductees. See for the full list.

These lawyers are important in the legacy of Lawdragon. We are recognizing Paula Boggs for her enduring contribution to the legal profession and in the process. Please extend our thanks for helping to define our first 10 years. The Hall of Fame includes 10 lawyers for every year and they are a dazzling array of law firm leaders, plaintiff lawyers, law firm chairmen and judges and she is one of those 100 – Congratulations.

The magazine will be distributed to our 25,000 weekly readers online and to 10,000 of the leading legal professionals, including top corporate counsel, private practitioners, academics and other leaders.

Paula Boggs receives the Compass Award

The Mission Continues – Compass Award – Veterans Day Gala Paula Boggs received the Compass Award at The Mission Continues Veterans Day Gala
Saturday, November 7th
Chase Park Plaza
St. Louis, MO
232 N Kingshighway Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63108
5:30 VIP reception


Paula Boggs is a true inspiration and should be recognized, not only as an artist, but a source of empowerment for all females. With the leaps and bounds we’ve made as a country from the times of segregation and gender separation you would think we couldn’t evolve much more than we already have. In light of recent actions toward the African American culture and the bold truth that women in the same positions as men still make less of a salary, it’s clear that molds still have to be shattered. Read more…

From the Army to Starbucks to music, Sammamish artist keeps looking straight ahead

In 2012, at age 52, Sammamish’s Paula Boggs took a leap of faith.

She left her secure and prestigious position as general counsel for Starbucks, reporting directly to company CEO Howard Schultz, and decided to revisit an old dream of making music.

“For me, it wasn’t my first leap,” she says without a hint of pretention or posing. Now 56, she says she learned to leap early on from her mother, who, following a divorce, left the U.S. and moved herself and four kids to Germany, where she was a teacher and principal at Department of Defense schools. Read more…

Paula Boggs Band “Carnival of Miracles”


Singer-songwriter, philanthropist, and Campaign Advisory Committee co-chair Paula Boggs made one of the earliest gifts to help build KEXP’s New Home at Seattle Center. “I believe strongly in the promise of KEXP’s New Home, and also that its leaders must ‘walk the walk’ before asking others to contribute.” Read more here

Paula in the Huffington Post

Raising the Bar Musician Paula Boggs who fronts the Paula Boggs Band wrote the following video/song because, in her own words “The Newtown, CT tragedy inspired me to write ‘Carnival of Miracles’ but it’s also a song shaped by a veteran’s love for country knowing we can and must do better as a nation and planet.

Paula Boggs Interview with Solveig Whittle

I first saw Paula Boggs perform at a local singer-songwriter hangout, the Soulfood Coffeehouse in Redmond, WA. She seemed totally comfortable on stage, despite the fact that she didn’t look or sound much like any of the other performers that night. It didn’t take more than a single Google search on my iPhone to turn up the fact that she was the former Corporate Counsel for Starbucks, along with having served on the Iran-Contra task force during the Reagan administration. I was intrigued. More →

Former Starbucks exec is brewing some tunes of her own

In 2005, Paula Boggs’ sister-in-law, Julie, was killed in a car accident.

In her grief, Boggs picked up her guitar. It was like being reunited with an old friend. That feeling spurred her to successfully audition for a songwriting-certificate program at the University of Washington.

“Music was nowhere in my life,“ Boggs said recently. “I had left it behind.”  Read more here from Seattle Times or the Baltimore Sun.


Paula Boggs and her band are currently recording with Grammy-winning producer and engineer Trina Shoemaker, who was nominated last year for BEST ENGINEERED ALBUM — NONCLASSICAL. In an industry with few women producers or engineers, Trina stands out and earns respect the old-fashioned way — talent, grit, endurance and never burning a bridge. The Paula Boggs Band, Sandy, Tor, Mark, Andrew, Jarrett and Paula are thrilled to work with Trina and return to Bear Creek to record six tracks between July 9-20th.

Paula Boggs Band “Carnival of Miracles”

Paula Boggs Band’s new album release, “Carnival of Miracles” is now available on iTunes and other digital music sites.

LGBTQ Conference at Harvard University – February 7th and 8th

Read more about the LGBTQ Conference at Harvard University here

Faculty from Across the USA Takes to the Samoset Stage

Paula Boggs and Rob Osgood, both great leaders in their own right. One a Fortune 500 Executive who once jumped out of airplanes for the U.S. Army and now serves on the President’s Committee for the Arts and Humanities. The other, a former student of the theater who employs a learning tool called vicarious rehearsal, which helped prepare one hospital and one city for the unthinkable. To see who is who, turn to the headliners page and learn about all six of this year’s keynoters. More →

Paula Boggs: A Taste of Seattle Brewed Soulgrass

Paula Boggs is a musician. She has been a musician since she was very young. However just as John Lennon wrote “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans,” different life opportunities arose and the music faded into the background for many years. Life may not have been as musical, but as she recently told me “It’s never dull.” Read more…


WASHINGTON, DC – Today, President Obama announced his intent to appoint the following individuals to key Administration posts: Kevin T. Hanretta – Assistant Secretary for Operations, Security, and Preparedness, Department of Veterans Affairs Paula E. Boggs – Member, President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities Robin L. Diamonte – Member, Advisory Committee to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation John Donahoe – Member, President’s Export Council Eugenio Piñeiro-Soler – United States Commissioner, International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas Laura M. Ricketts – General Trustee, Board of Trustees of… More →

Lawyer turned musician partners with My Brother’s Keeper Alliance

For nearly thirty years Paula Boggs distinguished herself in the practice of law first as an attorney in the Army General Counsel’s, then as a White House lawyer, later as a federal prosecutor, and finally as a corporate lawyer serving as Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Starbucks. When Boggs retired from her high-profile job at Starbucks she began to pursue other passions like being a musician and a community activist. Read more…

Paula Boggs to be Honored at Sandra Day O’Connor Board Excellence Awards Luncheon


Sandra Day O’Connor Board Excellence Awards Luncheon this October, at which Paula Boggs will be honored for her long and successful career and work to advance gender diversity on boards. This year’s Luncheon will be held on October 21, 2016 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York.

A Call To All ‘Brats’

Take a look at us.

Today, one of us is CEO of a major restaurant company and the other an Army veteran, lawyer and front woman for a rock band. We were once colleagues and now friends. Combined, we attended 12 different schools in five countries and moved 15 times while we were growing up. We have no geographic hometown. Rather “home” is the many people we know, love and trust from our shared journey. Those folks may be Democrats, Republicans, Independents, highly religious or not at all. Some own guns and others abhor them. Our village includes black, white, brown, gay, straight and is multi-generational, drawn from all over the world. We are only two of the millions of proud “military brats” whose parents served in the United States Armed Forces, taught in United States Department of Defense schools or were civilians working to support troops at home or abroad. Read more here

A Call To All ‘Brats’

The first TEDxBellevueCollege was held in the Carlson Theatre, and streamed live in simulcast rooms on campus. The event turned its focus to the theme of ‘perception’, with topics ranging from the importance of silence in healing communities, why it’s never too late to quit a successful career in corporate America to start a rock band, and how an understanding of neurodiversity can help institutions develop the unique potential of each member in their organization.

One of the speakers, Paula Boggs, brought her life experience to the table as a former Starbucks executive and lawyer who found the courage to be her true self, trading the corporate world for her dream of starting a bluegrass band. She has now released a full album and an EP, and tours the country with her band. Read more here